What’s new at Trackonomics? Page category, better bot detection, and more.

By Matt Moore, Product Marketing

The world of software moves fast — especially in a dynamic field like publishing. That’s why we’re constantly working to improve our platform and add new features. We wanted to give you a look at the latest updates to the Trackonomics platform. With no further ado, here’s what we released in December.

Get the full picture with the new Page Category dimension

Look, page-level data is great. Really great. But sometimes, it would be nice to pull the view back a bit and see how content is performing across entire ecommerce categories. That’s why we’re introducing the new Page Category dimension.

You can now include Page Category in your widgets and see it as a column in the Page Analytics screen. With Page Category, you can quickly see which shopping categories are performing well across any metrics you care about. And of course, you can still dig down into those categories to get a sense of which specific pages are driving that performance.

Page Content is powered by our proprietary natural language processing (NLP) algorithm, which analyzes each of your scanned pages and chooses the best ecommerce category based on the content. If you’re not seeing Page Category as an option, or if you don’t see the results you would expect in the Page Category column, please reach out to your PSM to have your content re-scanned.

Call us a Blade Runner: we’re getting better at spotting bots

Strong bot click detection has always been a core component of our platform, and now we’re taking it a step further. Trackonomics now uses DeviceAtlas, the same industry-leading tech that already powers bot detection for the impact.com platform. The main takeaway? The click metrics you see in Trackonomics should now align much more closely with what you see in impact.com — no Voight-Kampff test required.

Amazon AutoTagger now works with LinkWrapper

Previously, you could only use our time-saving Amazon AutoTagger if you already had our Funnel Relay script running on your site. And while Funnel Relay is still the best way to take advantage of everything Tracknomics has to offer, we know that not everyone uses it yet. In particular, those who employ Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) often avoid adding JavaScript to their pages.

With this update, the Amazon AutoTagger now also works with our LinkWrapper solution (which “wraps” regular links inside of Trackonomics links), so you can get all that tracking and attribution goodness without a JavaScript Tag.

New & Updated Integrations

  • Pepperjam: Some of our users had reported difficulty generating Pepperjam links. We refactored (or “rewrote” for any fellow non-engineers out there) the code that powers Pepperjam link generation, and it will now work much more consistently
  • BHPhoto: A major update at BHPhoto broke our integration — so we fixed it.
  • Ad.net: We made some adjustments to make sure our Ad.net integration continues working properly.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more updates — we’ve got some more great stuff coming soon!