Make the Most Out of Each Link

Automatically scan your affiliate links to provide a seamless user experience and get the most value
out of every monetized link on your website.

Save Revenue From Broken Links

Are you losing readers and potential revenue by linking to 404s or out of stock products? We estimate that publishers lose close to $160 million in commission each month just to dead links!

Pick up all that lost revenue with the Trackonomics Link Scanner. Automatically detect and replace broken links to ensure no clicks go to waste.

Keep Your Readers Happy :-)

Keep the right users coming back by providing them with a seamless and engaging user experience on your site.

Removing disruptions like 404s, out of stock products and out of season offerings will keep your users on the site and make them keen to return

Find Out What Others Are Writing About

Get inspiration from other content publishers to keep your eye on new trends and come up with fresh content ideas.

Use our link intelligence tools to make sure you’re always on top of changes in your vertical and able to stay one step ahead.

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