Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial and pricing

Integrations and onboarding


General e-commerce and affiliates

Commercial and pricing

How is Trackonomics priced?

Trackonomics pricing is customized for each client, based on the number of networks needed, number of online properties, number of features adopted and other variables. We use the scheduled demo to explore and quantify these variables and come up with a tailored pricing model for you as soon as possible. 

What customer support does Trackonomics offer?

Every Trackonomics client receives their own dedicated Partner Success Manager to help them with onboarding, training and ongoing support and advice. We also always have a team member on hand to respond on Tawk, the online chat support app, and have an ever growing library of video resources and tutorials.

Can I start a Trackonomics trial?

Please contact us here to see if you are eligible for a Trackonomics trial.

What will I see in a scheduled demo?

The purpose of the demo is to showcase the platform and the different features it enables you to perform. We take our time to learn about your business and to make sure our solution can deliver what you want. We do this by identifying your specific needs, showing you various real world use cases and asking questions to learn more about how you would use it to benefit your business.

Integrations and onboarding

Do I need an engineer to help set up Trackonomics?

No, Trackonomics can be set up without the help of an engineer. Onboarding your network data and setting up your extension for link generation is easy and coding free. Funnel Relay (revenue attribution) requires you to put a tag on your website which can be easily implemented by non-technical users through a Tag Manager.

What if I can’t see a network or platform I need on your integrations list?

Please get in touch to discuss which integrations you need and we will see if we can accommodate them during your onboarding. Existing clients can request an integration as a partner through their PSM (Partner Success Manager). We will slot it and promptly provide an ETA. 


How does Trackonomics data aggregation work?

We use a combination of network API utilization and other data extraction methods to aggregate and normalize your data from various sources.

How does Funnel Relay (revenue attribution) work?

With the help of our Funnel Relay script that you implement on your website, we are able to record each individual click and pass on a unique Trackonomics ID through each click event back to the network. This makes it possible for us to associate transactions recorded by the networks with the clicks and pages from which they first originated.

How does the Publisher Extension (link automation) work?

The Publisher Extension works by collecting and storing offers from the affiliate networks. These offers are domain-based, allowing the extension to search for available offers for any relevant domain across multiple networks and subsequently return your link generation options. 

General e-commerce and affiliates

What is e-commerce content?

E-commerce content comes in the form of articles containing monetized links to products that can be purchased online. These articles often take the form of gift guides or product reviews. For every purchase made through a monetized link (affiliate link) on a piece of commerce content, publishers receive a commission paid out by the merchant. This is all facilitated by affiliate networks. 

How do publishers earn commissions?

Affiliate links contain unique network identifiers that allow affiliate networks to track and record transactions. The networks ensure that commission from these transactions is credited to the appropriate source. 

How do publishers find products to promote in their content?

Editorial teams conduct a lot of research to create engaging content with products they think will interest their readers. One common strategy for this is to look at what other publishers are doing for inspiration. Trackonomics link intelligence tools (Link Scanner) can help with this research, since they provide up to date data on trending products and merchants. Publishers can also use our Publisher Extension’s content discovery features to search for and optimize their product selection using aggregated performance metrics and commission data.