Revenue Attribution from Click to Sale

Know exactly how much every link is worth with end-to-end revenue attribution.

How it Works

Once you’ve added the Trackonomics script to your site, our platform captures any data you want, starting from the click that brings a user to your website. This could be from a social campaign, Google Ads, organic search or anywhere else. We capture the page level data too (e.g. author, article) and finally connect it to sales level data from the affiliate network. This way we can track every part of the user journey, from the original traffic source all the way to a product purchase – giving you a complete picture of exactly how well your articles, links and traffic sources are performing.

Identify Your Most Valuable Traffic Sources

Merge your traffic acquisition sources with your affiliate sales metrics to find the channels and audiences that are bringing in the most revenue.

Get insights from Google Ads, Google Analytics, SEMrush, Facebook and more to optimise your keywords, bidding strategy, ad copy and content plan.

Find Your Top Performing Articles

Discover how much every article is worth. With Trackonomics page level revenue attribution and analytics, you can know exactly how much revenue any individual article has generated through affiliate purchases.

Draw on past performance insights to help you create ROI positive content every time.

Enrich Your SEM Strategy with Affiliate Data

Always wanted to know which page has the most SEO value measured in actual sales? Or which Google Ads campaign has generated the most commission?

Connect your affiliate sales to your SEM data to help you create a holistic ROI-focused strategy across all your marketing channels and activities.

Transfer Your UTM Parameters Across URLs

The journey from click to purchase often involves several touch points along the way.

Trackonomics captures and stores your original UTM values so that when a user visits multiple pages before making a purchase, you still know which campaigns and marketing channels originally brought them to your site.

Get Creative with Your Data

Use any combination of custom segments and our powerful BI platform to easily create on-the-fly reports and visualizations.

Whether you’re interested in high level sales data or want to get down to the most granular of resolutions, Trackonomics has you covered. Analyse your data any way you want and measure performance by article, author, merchant, product category, or any other meaningful dimension.

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