Trackonomics: The Sharpest Tool in the Shed

Trackonomics: a real power-tool for affiliate marketers

Affiliate pros use many tools for day to day management of programs. Whether on the publisher, advertiser or agency side, these tools are used for content marketing, email campaigns, SEO, social media management, and the list goes on. Surprisingly, until now, there was nothing on the market that combined data aggregation, consolidation and account management all into one platform. It was deemed 'too difficult a challenge' by many developers to even seriously contemplate it as an 'enterprise solution'. But that's exactly what we've built and what we're all about: so spruce up your toolkit, affiliate marketers, this is the tool you've all been waiting for!

Efficiency & productivity

Data consolidating from various networks and programs into one place is possibly one of the most time-consuming and error-prone activities that we ALL have to do, every week, every month, and sometimes every day. With Trackonomics, you can quickly and painlessly onboard all of your network accounts and programs into one dashboard, which will then pull your data as often as you need it. You will never need to log in to your affiliate partners in order to download reports - ever again! With Trackonomics, you will have one login access to all your data, with powerful analytics and segmentation tools which will help you compare and analyse your data across your entire activity for as far back as months and years - in just seconds!

Accuracy & reliability

No other company has poured the amount of time and effort we have in order to ensure the integrity and reliability of our affiliate data collection processes. Everyday, we pull the equivalent of several 'decades' worth of data for our clients, while successfully keeping the failure rate at under 0.1%. In order to further our clients' trust in the data collection systems, we have created client-controlled validation and recollection procedures that ensure that the data is always updated and correct. We have a deep understanding of the structures and syntax of every network that we work with; additionally, we offer dimensions that are often not easily accessible even in the networks' own UI.

Management & monitoring

We've always strived to go beyond 'simple reporting', and provide Affiliate Account Managers with powerful and relevant management tools which can make their lives easier and clients happier. With Trackonomics, you have the ability to create and plan campaigns and analyze the bottom line a-priori, using your real data. You can annotate your performance graphs, upload excel charts and centralize all your publisher/advertiser activities in seconds. You can set traffic or performance alerts, manage the media assets you want to show, manage your users' access permissions, and so much more...

Trusted & field-tested

If this sounds good, it's because it really is. And this is why we are proud to count as our clients some of the biggest names - not just in the affiliate industry - but in the entire world! As the list of advertisers, publishers and agencies that we are proud to call our clients grows, so does the performance of our platform and the sophistication of the features we are able to deliver.  Register now for a free trial and see for yourself, or send us an email at for more information about our products and services.