Trackonomics Launches the First Data Management Platform for Affiliates

We do so much more than data consolidation.

As recently as a year ago, it was enough to consolidate multiple affiliates on a single dashboard. This is no longer the case. Our clients’ sophistication has gone beyond what the traditional affiliate industry has to offer, and now publishers need to analyze their performance data in richer and more complex context such as SEO, paid acquisition campaigns, social traffic and audience segmentation.

They need to be able to collect and segment data that is not available on most networks. What they need is a Data Management Platform, and we are thrilled to deliver it. Trackonomics has effectively launched the first Data Management Platform for Affiliates, and it’s currently the only one on the market.

What are DMPs?

A DMP (Data Management Platform) – is a software used by marketers to measure, test, segment, and surface actionable opportunities for monetization from within a sea of data points and audience metrics. Programmatic/RTB professionals use DMPs such as Nielsen or Adobe all the time as part of their regular arsenal of tools – and now, so can affiliate marketers!

For years, we have seen publishers and advertisers need affiliate marketing to be more accessible, more fluid, and more manageable – essentially, they need more scalability for their businesses. The most direct route would be  to bring the product standards from programmatic advertising into the affiliate world. Aligning the real-world needs for affiliate growth with technological advances has been a challenge, but it’s been worth it. This platform delivers functionality specifically designed for today’s (and tomorrow’s) affiliate landscape.

How publishers can use DMPs for affiliates:

The latest advances in Trackonomics enable publishers to analyze and optimize their affiliate links at page level and get near real-time insights into the performance of their content and links. 

They can interlink the following to provide unprecedented mapping of user and content flow and behavior:

  • Create bespoke ‘live’ data segments from within their websites 
  • Track their performance by sections or editors

 Pull data from a variety of data sources including:

  • Adobe Analytics/Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • SEMRush 
  • and many others 

Publishers can even measure direct audience engagement with affiliated content: from page views and time on site all the way down to individual (and even user-specific) purchases by integrating Trackonomics with audience tools such as Tealium, Segment or Signal, which in turn allows them to ensure offers and merchants are user optimized.

This is only the beginning. This transformation is allowing us to re-imagine how the affiliate industry could work and to build the tools that will make those changes happen. Prepare yourselves for an incredible 2020 – it’s going to be a landmark year for the industry.


Hanan Maayan