Retailers: Three things you didn’t know you could do with Trackonomics (Part I)

Hey, retailers! Are you using (and loving!) the Trackonomics dashboard? Sometimes the tools we love and use everyday perform all of the tasks we need them for, but what if they could do more and make your life just that much easier?

Here are three things you didn’t know you could do with the Trackonomics dashboard.

Benchmark your KPIs

Want to know if you are objectively running a good Affiliate Marketing program? Trackonomics lets you benchmark your site’s Affiliate Marketing performance against the industry. We aggregate thousands of KPIs, categorize them into Vertical (V) and Business Model (BM) cohorts and anonymize them. The result is - you now have the ability to check whether you are ahead or behind your competitors on crucial KPIs such as CR, ROAS, and more!

Benchmark your publishers

Are you getting the most out of your publisher relations? Are your publishers under-performing, or perhaps underpaid in comparison to your vertical competitors?

Trackonomics lets you benchmark all of your publishers’ performance and look at how they are performing comparatively on every single KPI that matters. This level of deep-analysis gives you unprecedented insight and power into your program.

Centralize promotional activity

Give your team the ability to use a centralized annotation system to document promotions, marketing events, etc. You can now stop working with different Excel sheets or Google Docs and annotate your performance graph directly. Annotations can be added one by one, bulk uploaded, and formatted to include files such as creatives, feeds, links and more.