Retail Trends – Weekly Update 4/7/2020

*Disclaimer: These insights are based on a meta analysis of aggregated and anonymised sample of merchants and categories and is meant to help inform editorial decision. We encourage user to perform independent reviews before making any major program changes as e-comm content is context and brand sensitive. 

Noticeable Gainers

  • We saw an increase in sales and commission volume over the last week for Financial Services and Credit Card merchants. This could be attributed to US tax season (usually mid-April, but this year the deadline has been moved back to July 15th), work from home, and economic hardship.
  • Arts and Crafts are still performing well as people look to fill in the extra time at home with non-screen activities. DIY/Hardware has seen a similar boost as more supplies are ordered online and people take minor repairs and improvements in the home. Furniture, Home and Garden merchants have seen sustained gains the last few weeks as people attempt to maximize their enjoyment of their living space.
  • Kitchenware and cooking products along with Food & Beverage merchants have seen sustained sales growth as people spend more time cooking at home. We are seeing some growth in higher-end food delivery service in addition to increases in meal kits as an alternative or supplement to traditional grocery shopping.
  • Transport, particularly bicycles, have been up as people try to avoid public transportation and look for outdoor activities. At home fitness equipment continues to be very popular, which exercise bikes in high demand, but there seems to be a shortage.

Over the last week, there have been some key commission decreases from Department Stores while sales have stayed consistent. Consequently,  a sharp decline in commission revenues followed. 

Many categories seem to be doing better this week, boosted by publisher content and a consistent payout strategy. Amongst those seemingly making a recovery are Fashion and Accessories, Furniture, Gifts and Pets.