New Year, New Features

We are excited to share with you some new features now appearing on the dashboard!

Daily News Ticker

  • The daily news ticker is our hand-picked selection of industry-related articles. We post news every day so that you can stay in the know about what's going on in affiliate marketing. You can find this new feature moving across the top of the dashboard.

Dynamic Network Fee

  • Dynamic network fee integrates fees automatically from the networks and shows all changes historically. For networks that don't provide the fee, you can customize and update percentage of sales/commissions for each account/network. With the dynamic network fee, you know exactly how much commission you will be earning from a particular account.

Monthly Sales Target

  • Monthly sales target allows you to set and manage monthly sales targets for a single account over an entire year. You can compare your monthly sales target to actual sales in the adjacent sales column. Throughout the month, you can use the paced forecast to see how sales are measuring up to the monthly target.