Introducing the New Trackonomics Dashboard

Beautiful & Powerful

Every publisher has a unique way of looking at data. This requires flexibility not only because everyone is different, but because data needs shift constantly -- whether on a dime or over time. So it’s absolutely critical to have access to a dynamic solution that can fit the ever-changing nature of this industry.

We are excited to announce the ‘open Beta’ phase of our new Business Intelligence dashboard - a *very* different beast, in both form and substance. Beautiful enough to visualize your data insights clearly and efficiently. Powerful enough to handle multiple data types, making it possible to blend transactions, referral sources, SKUs and KPIs in an unlimited amount of ways.

So now it’s infinitely easier to understand your content’s value.

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics. This new platform, built from the ground up, is a comprehensive business intelligence tool, fully customizable, and connected to over 85 different data sources. With new rollout of the platform, every client can create a bespoke platform, which includes data visualizations built in milliseconds, choosing from more than 50 data parameters. Improved functionality includes, sharable widgets for better team collaboration, contextual data layering for deeper insights, and an array of premade widgets and screens to get our clients started right away.
  • Article-Level Reporting: Publishers need to understand how content performs in great detail in order to grow business. Knowing what types of content perform best facilitates decisions about which content to optimize. Trackonomics has tools that streamline the process, allowing informed decisions on creating better content that will make more money.
  • Customized Data-Set Collection: Publishers no longer have to rely on affiliate networks to provide the information they need, publishers can set customized parameters to collect directly from their content with a fully automated and standardized process using Funnel Relay. Funnel Relay offers endless extracts of important data from a content article such as author, title, and how the site visitor found the article. The solution provides endless possibilities by automatically grouping this information and delivering the extracted data directly to the dashboard, ensuring revenue and ROI can be tracked to an article level, or even link level.

Uncover the value of content by collecting the right affiliate data. Get in touch to find out how we can help.