Capture every holiday opportunity with six tools from Trackonomics

By Hanan Maayan, Co-founder and CEO

Nothing spoils a festive holiday mood for a consumer like a 404 error or out-of-stock message. But with hot items moving fast and so much content to manage during the busy holiday season, how can publishers keep up with every link and every article on every network?

Trackonomics can help with automated tools to help you monitor, manage, and fully monetize your holiday content.

In preparation for what’s expected to be a record-breaking holiday for ecommerce, here’s a quick checklist for publishers to ensure peak performance this holiday season.

Reduce stress with these essential tips and tools from Trackonomics:

1. Add holiday-related subIDs in the Link Generator extension

If you have holiday content across multiple sites, channels, and networks, you need a clear way to track performance, nip problems in the bud, and easily see what’s driving results. Link Generator lets you add specific holiday-related subIDs to your link generation in order to better track the performance of all your holiday content.

2. Track your highest-performing articles with Page Analytics

When you have multiple widgets with different filters to monitor, it can be hard to quickly view your top pages in one place. The Trackonomics Page Analytics feature allows you to easily identify which articles across all sites are bringing in the most revenue, so you can see what’s working and do more of it.

3. Schedule daily scans on your top-performing holiday articles with Link Scanner

When holiday items are selling fast from your top-performing articles, you need to know pronto when products go out of stock. To keep content fresh, consumers happy, and revenue moving, use Link Scanner to automatically monitor your high-performing articles for out-of-stock items or 404 errors.

4. Set up FR Script/Content Attribution Tag on all holiday articles

Double-check that you are tracking all your holiday content with the FR script. It’s easy to overlook articles amid all the seasonal activity, and that can be costly.

5. Use custom widgets and screens for better holiday insights

With so much data available in the dashboard, it can be easy to get lost in a sea of information. Customized screens and widgets help you zero in on holiday-related data. Start with these three:

  • Page-level reporting for holiday content
  • Holiday subIDs
  • Holiday affiliate links

6. Use the ready-made Latest Offers widget to find your merchants’ best offers

During the holidays, merchants are changing their offers all the time. Latest Offers helps you more easily keep your content fresh and up to date.

Black Friday will be here before you know it. Let Trackonomics do more of the work for you by following our six tips, and reach out any time for help from our team. Contact a specialist at