Calling all publishers! Enhance your 2019 affiliate marketing with new tools from Trackonomics

As the year is coming to an end, and 2019 is around the corner, you want to be prepared for new challenges in the affiliate marketing industry. That’s why here at Trackonomics we have developed three game-changing affiliate marketing tools to help reach your monetization goals. From added intelligence to advanced reporting, we have you covered:

Trackonomics Funnel Relay: track where individual transactions come from
AMBA: automatically find all those broken affiliate links in your content
Google Data Studio Connector: hook up your Trackonomics data to Google Data Studio so you can create beautiful custom reports

Trackonomics Funnel Relay

One of the big mysteries of affiliate marketing is that no one can tell exactly where affiliate conversions come from. We’ve solved that problem by creating a tiny piece of code that injects the referring traffic source into the affiliate link, so you can see exactly how a user got to your website and exactly what they bought.

The code may be little but it packs a powerful punch, it’s fully configurable to allow multiple layers of tracking and performance. You can overlay click data with UTMs and SubIDs for a complete analysis of the user’s journey. Funnel Relay is also seamlessly integrated with Google Analytics and your Trackonomics dashboard so you can easily visualize all this information.


You want your evergreen content to continually generate money, but how do you know when one of your affiliate links goes out of stock? Or if the link is dead altogether? You could go to each of your pages click on all the links to test for problems OR you could use our new tool, AMBA. AMBA automatically scans your site once a week to test your links and gives you a neat little report on how your links are doing. You can test pages individually using our Toolbar Extension or you can upload all the links you want tested directly to our AMBA manager. Now you can easily spot bad links and fix them to scale, hereby dramatically improving your revenue.

Trackonomics Google Data Studio Connector

Create beautiful, tailored reports with your affiliate data in Google Data Studio (GDS) using a customized Trackonomics Connector. This Connector can be tweaked to to make sure your affiliate data is relayed in full. And that’s not all, with GDS you can easily blend data from other sources such as Google Analytics or Google Search Console enabling you to create advanced analytics, pivot tables, conditional formatting and custom KPIs. The sky’s the limit with what you can do with the Trackonomics GDS Connector.

Interested? Great! Drop us a line to take full advantage of these new tools. Want to learn more? Start a Free Trial and we will be happy to show you how to maximize the system for your needs.