An automation solution for publishers to increase their revenue

By Hanan Maayan, Co-founder and CEO

Commerce content has reached its peak competition in recent years. 82% of publishers survived by the Fortune Brand Studio Report indicate that commerce content earnings will grow 25% within the next two years. At the same time, 84% agree that there will be an increased need to find better strategies for operating at scale.

While there are many solutions available for advertisers to manage their side of the partnerships, publishers are often left with the need to track and analyze their performance across multiple tools manually. As a result, they miss out on the opportunities to show their value and get the most revenue from their commerce content partnerships.

In spring 2021, joined forces with Trackonomics to empower publishers to gain full visibility into their commerce content performance. The team immediately got together and analyzed the most common issues that limit publishers’ revenue from rising.

Trackonomics by’s automation-enabled solution enables publishers to collect, view and analyze their data across multiple sources. The publishers can then use the aggregated data to find the best sources of their revenue, craft strong, data-based content deals and forge direct partnerships with brands. Learn more

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