Great Pet Care™ expanded brand partnerships to grow commissions 117% YoY


Scaling up with a small team

Great Pet Care™ provides fur parents with medically-sound advice and attracts over a million monthly readers eager to consume veterinarian-reviewed health content. Great Pet Care’s team saw initial success with their commerce content program. However, they had limited brand partnerships and only a few articles driving affiliate revenue—restricting their earning potential and the audiences they could reach. The team wanted to expand commission sources by working directly with brands and adding additional networks. To accomplish this goal, they would need to:

  • See the big picture. All performance data was siloed within different tracking tools. The team needed to consolidate affiliate tracking information in one place.
  • Scale without growing the small team. Great Pet Care needed to keep growing sustainably without hiring a bigger team. But joining and collaborating with dozens of brand affiliate programs would be time-intensive with their current processes.
  • Streamline logins, link generation, and link maintenance. Initially, the team was only part of three affiliate networks. Adding more networks and brands would mean drastically increasing the number of logins and interfaces to juggle. They needed a better way to manage and track brand partnerships before they could scale up.

The Great Pet Care team was ready to create more brand partnerships and diversify commission structures and they knew a unified solution could get them there.


Great Pet Care

Great Pet Care™ offers pet parents practical and medically sound pet health information, product guides, and recommendations.

With millions of readers every year, the Great Pet Care team focuses on clarity and kindness to make pet care recommendations easy to understand and

Great Pet Care ensures all health content is carefully researched and fact-checked by board-certified veterinarians and expert trainers.

The team also reviews all posts annually to make sure advice is up-to-date.

“Trackonomics makes our lives so much easier.”

Director of Affiliate Marketing
Laura Holzwasser


Growing with Trackonomics

The Great Pet Care team partnered with Trackonomics by to consolidate all their commission sources and gain insight into overall program performance.

As part of the for Publishers suite, Trackonomics helps publishers optimize affiliate content. Publishers use advanced tracking to grow brand partnerships and earn more commerce content revenue.

Trackonomics supported Great Pet Care by addressing their challenges head-on.

The big picture

Accurate attribution was vital for Great Pet Care’s commerce content success. The team needed to track each click, purchase, and commission carefully. Trackonomics showed program performance from a birds-eye view, pulling data from every brand partnership and affiliate network into one clean dashboard.


commission growth year-over-year


more brands receiving traffic year-on-year

Solution (cont.)

Growing with Trackonomics

These tools gave the team quick insight into how much revenue they made each month. Instead of relying on assumptions, the team saw:

  • How much revenue each brand partnership drove
  • How content performed in real-time
  • Which articles converted the most readers

With clear insight into what was working, the team could test new content formats, invest in brands with higher returns, and adjust
affiliate strategies on the fly.

Saving time

Before Trackonomics, the team had active accounts with only three affiliate networks. Joining more would have meant juggling additional logins and processes whenever they wanted to view conversion data and manage brand partnerships—slowing them down and consuming precious time.

Creating links

The Trackonomics link generation tool aggregated products from Great Pet Care’s networks into a single view, allowing the team to create affiliate links quickly. If the same product appeared on multiple networks, the editorial team could grab the link with the highest commission. “Link generation is huge. If my editors had to log into multiple interfaces to create links, we’d be much slower,” says Holzwasser.

Link maintenance

Broken links mean lost revenue and frustrated readers. The Trackonomics Link Scanner automatically checked articles for 404 errors. Detailed reports revealed the opportunity cost of each broken link and suggested potential replacement products. The team then removed those links and updated them or provided a link from a different brand or network.


Expanding commissions sources

Despite operating in a competitive industry, Great Pet Care has expanded their brand partnerships and boosted earnings since working with Trackonomics.

Rather than relying on a few top posts to generate most of the affiliate revenue, the team has produced more profitable articles than ever. Articles generating sales rose by approximately 78 percent between 2022 and 2023.

With more articles driving value, the team discovered more opportunities to optimize and capture revenue from a wider audience—further expanding the their program’s potential.

With Trackonomics, the Great Pet Care team found the perfect solution for growing their partnerships, profitable content output, and earning potential.

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